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Introduction to Ayurveda

Introduction to Ayurveda

Introduction to Ayurveda

Introduction to Ayurveda

Testmonials from Clients

Dear Rekha

Thank you very much for helping me reduce my TSH from 21.2 to 11.6 in just 3 months. All this naturally with diet and ayurvedic pills.

My GP is surprised to know that all this happened without taking any medication (which was to take Thyroxin for rest of my life)

I have lost 6 kilos in 3 months and feel very energetic.

I am following the diet suggested by you, the breathing exercises and taking the ayurvedic pills.

A big THANK YOU for doing the right treatment.

Thanks and best regards,

Anu Awasthi

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I went to visit Rekha Savjani a month ago. After my car accident last year I suffered from whiplash and i continued with pain in my muscles for a year. I put on weight and was struggling with day to day activities.

Rekha's advice has helped me to loose one stone in weight, through diet and lifestyle changes, and I know that this is only the start. Rekha also prescribed me Ayurvedic medicines which have also helped with my muscle aches and pains as well as improving energy. I am so much better than before.

Thank you Rekha !


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Prior to going for consultations at Sira supermarket I was already taking ayurvedic medicine, but the medicine and advice available here has helped me more.

Previously I was suffering from the following:

  • Burning, flaking, and bleeding skin
  • Poor quality sleep, sometimes insomnia
  • Bloated feeling especially after eating a meal
  • Very cold even in the summer
  • Had lost weight
  • Mood was very irritable
  • Skin would break with liquid oozing out
  • Body was also painful at times
  • Would get colds and sore throats regularly

After following the dietary guidelines, Pranayam (Anulom Vilom for 15 mins), taking Ayuvedic medicine (Kayakalp Kwath, Kaishore Guggal and Triphala Churna) and exercise (Yogasana and walking) I have experienced all the above that I was suffering from have disappeared or reduced.

Now I am experiencing the following:

  • Much improved sleep
  • Skin not bleeding
  • I find I am not as irritable as before
  • Skin not flaking as much
  • Not experiencing any bloating
  • Gained some weight
  • Not feeling as cold
  • Sense of smell and taste and hearing has improved

I hope that continuing to follow Dr Rekha's advice will benefit me further. I have found that this has been a good learning experience for me and my family. I have found that there is so much knowledge that india has about food and general lifestyle that no one else has.

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

I was first diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) when I was 14. I had excess hair, very irregular periods which lasted 1 month sometimes or didn't come at all and weight gain. I then started taking the contraceptive pill (mavelon) from the age of 14 to 21. then at the age of 16 I started to lose my head hair a lot and it went very thin. For a few years the pill made my cycle regular then at about 19 it was irregular again even though I was taking the pill. I also took cyproterone and spironolactone for a short time but spironolactone made me feel sick so I couldnt eat. So I stopped both tablets but the cyproterone did make my body hair grow finer. I stopped cyproterone because I didnt know the full side effects of it.

I first started the ayurvedic medicine, by the instruction of Dr. Rekha Savjani, when I was 21 and I stopped all my other medication. Within about 3 months my cycle began to become regular then after 6 months to one year a bit more regular and now its been about 4 years and my cycle is fully regular. The excess hair is still the same and my head hair still falls out but it is stable. Because my cycle is regular and I am not loosing as much blood, I feel more energetic. I might have been anemic when I was losing all that blood but not anymore.

I also used to get a lot of wind (digestive problems) which was very painful but that has also gone now.

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